Meet Fiona: One of our Kerala Volunteers!

Fiona has been at the school for about a week now, and we’re so grateful to have her!  Her teaching experience, positive attitude, and love for traveling make her a perfect fit for our program!  Here’s a word from Fiona…

Our latest volunteer, Fiona
Our latest volunteer, Fiona
“My name’s Fiona, I’m 26 and from Manchester, England. I love travelling, beaches, cycling and coffee.
I’ve just spent a year teaching English to kids in Henan, China. Before teaching I worked in digital marketing as a copywriter. After graduating from a Journalism and Creative Writing degree I interned at a famous daily-deal head office in Berlin. Since then, I’ve travelled a fair bit but Berlin is still one of my favourite places. Whilst working in marketing I volunteered for several charities doing social media marketing and events, I hope to continue working for not-for-profits either in a teaching or marketing capacity, or both.
I’ve always wanted to come to India. I can’t pinpoint exactly why, and now that I’m here I can’t pinpoint exactly what it is that’s so spectacular about it. I was a little worried before leaving, but the people in India may well be the nicest in the world, so there was really nothing to worry about.”