Meet Sean, our newest Kerala Volunteer!

Kerala Volunteer is fortunate to have aspiring teacher Sean Purk joining our team!


“Hi! My name is Sean Purk. I am 21 years old, born and raised in St. Louis. I am a Christian who went to Catholic grade school and high school. I graduated from St. John Vianney High School in 2012 taking Christian value with me. Some may call me a big sports fan, but my passion is reading and writing on a daily basis. My career goal in life is to teach high school English and continue to teach in countries abroad. Teaching runs in my family, as my mother was a grade school Science teacher. She showed me the value of being in a position to inspire students and learn from them as well. I will bring this value to Kerala with me in hopes to both inspire and be inspired by the beautiful children attending school at R.R.U.P. I love working with kids as I have in the past at various summer camps. I have never ventured abroad, but am extremely excited to start in Kerala where I’ll be doing something I have always wanted to do. To teach what I love to the wonderful children in Kerala is a dream come true. I am certain the children will inspire and teach me in return. I also cannot wait to explore what India has to offer in some of my free time. In conclusion, I am truly grateful that I have been given this amazing opportunity and cannot wait to start!”


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Sean and his father
Meet Sean Purk!

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