Kerala Volunteer is back!

The concept was simple: a young American teacher with some spare time after teaching and living in Thailand was looking to continue lending her services as an educator.  Through some networking, she was introduced to a mutual friend back home who had family ties to a school in the south of India. Not only was the school in need of an English teacher, it sat on a property next to a furnished home that was ready to host a guest. The American teacher had found a school in need of her time and energy and a place to stay at no cost. The arrangement was a success and it was decided that a partnership would continue with additional volunteers to continue supporting the school. Thus in 2014,  Kerala Volunteer was born.

The Rural Reconstruction Upper Primary School (RRUP) was established in Ullannuur, Kerala in 1936 by a local scholar. As a private school that’s free to attend, the 5th, 6th and 7th graders come from lower to middle income families and are taught a traditional Indian curriculum. The school’s very limited means doesn’t allow for an English teacher and therefore English is not a subject. In today’s globalized world, a strong grasp of English is crucial for these students to continue on their path towards higher education. 

The curious, kind and intelligent students of the RRUP School have big dreams. They want to be doctors and lawyers and engineers, soccer players, artists, photographers and teachers. They speak of seeing the world and changing the world, and a strong grasp of English will allow them to do just that.

Since its inception, Kerala Volunteer has hosted a number of volunteers from various walks of life and all over the world. The logistics of volunteering can be a challenge for many. If you are able to secure a safe and affordable accommodation, you’re often also asked to pay fees for a volunteer placement. This prohibitive cycle deters some of the best candidates from life changing experiences. The house next to the school remains available to volunteers and their families providing easy access to the students and the beauty that Kerala has to offer.

The program took a hiatus as the COVID-19 pandemic shut down the world. The Kerala Volunteer team recently traveled to visit the school in Ullannuur and spent time with the students, teachers and locals. The house is ready for its next tenant and the children are so excited to learn. The team is looking forward to relaunching the program and sending some amazing individuals to Southern India in the coming months.

In spite of a global pandemic and other global challenges, the simple concept remains. Kerala Volunteer exists to make volunteering and making a difference more accessible and less of a hassle so that we can all focus on what matters – the children of the RRUP school and their bright futures. Are you interested in joining our team and teach in Kerala? Inquire here!