Top 5 Reasons to Volunteer in KERALA, India

Alright, so you’re thinking about volunteering the big decision:  WHERE TO GO?  For many, because they’re volunteering, meaning no salary, they’d like to go somewhere where the cost of living is relatively affordable.  And, since you have the opportunity, you may as well go somewhere stunningly beautiful, right?  But you probably also want to volunteer in a place that is filled with rich and vibrant culture, too…

If all of those things sound like something you’re looking for in your perfect volunteer destination, then look no further, because gorgeous Kerala, India, has all those and more!  See the top 5, (of MANY) reasons to volunteer in Kerala!

5) Beautiful beaches: Kerala has over 550 sprawling kilometers of breathtaking coastline along the Arabian Sea.  Kick back, sip on a fresh coconut, and watch the sunset before, after, or on the weekend during your volunteer service.


4) Temple Festivals: Although one of the more religiously diverse Indian states, Kerala is still home to many Hindu temples, most of which hold elaborate festivals lasting several days.  In many festivals, elephants, which play an important role in daily life in Kerala, will be adorned in beautiful decor and incorporated into the festival.  Immerse yourself in the culture by attending a temple festival to witness the magic firsthand!


3) Stunning Tea Plantations: You can’t go anywhere in India without seeing the masses sipping on steaming cups of tea, so why not go see for yourself where it all beings?  The tea estates of Kerala will leave you breathless as you peer out over lush, green tea fields as far as the eye can see.


2) Relaxing Backwaters Cruise: Kerala is home to a unique waterway of rivers, lakes, and lagoons that connect and provide a lifestyle unlike many other places.  Take a single day cruise through the backwaters and see locals washing their laundry and bathing in the river, or hopping on and off boats as they visit their local markets.  Or, splurge a little and take an overnight cruise on the famous and oh-so-luxurious houseboats.

Houseboat in Kerala Backwaters


1) KERALA VOLUNTEER IS HERE!: Hats off to you for considering volunteering anywhere, but you’ll find that almost all volunteer organizations charge a pretty penny in exchange for letting you volunteer there.  At Kerala Volunteer, we recognize that you’re already volunteering your time for free- we don’t expect to make money off of you in the process.  Unlike many organizations, Kerala volunteer provides a FREE secure house all to yourself on site, including hot water and wi-fi.  You need only to cover the costs of your food, which is home cooked each and every meal for you by a local village woman.  Kerala volunteer also provides support for lesson planning and ideas for teaching and activities, and you’re only asked to teach 3 small classes a day.  Not to mention, the kids are so eager to learn and fun loving, and the staff is most welcoming.  So, if you’re ready to create an unforgettable experience, click “I want to Volunteer” above!


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