The Never Ending Voyage: How to Travel the World…Forever!

The Never Ending Voyage: How to Travel the World…Forever!

Simon and Erin, a couple traveling the world indefinitely, in Petra, Jordan.
1,000 days into their “never ending voyage” around the world, this couple is still going strong. But how do they do it? How does a couple travel the world forever? Read about how they did it here:

“..(We traveled abroad for year..) and we experienced more in that year than we had in the previous ten. We met some wonderful people, saw some amazing places and did some incredible things. It was awe-inspiring and beautiful and frustrating and scary and exciting – it was everything but dull.

On our return to the UK, we found it very difficult to get back into the routine that we’d left. The mortgage, the bills, the car, our accumulated junk, the tedious repetitiveness of the nine to five – having experienced the vastness of the world and all of the opportunity out there, we struggled to fit back into business as usual.

So we decided to head off again, but this time we left for good. We sold everything we own, quit our jobs, rented out our house and headed out to play dice with destiny.”

**Kerala Volunteer shares these ideas with everyone, not because we believe everyone is meant to travel abroad for lengthy amounts of time, but because since the start of our organization, we’ve realized how many people want to see the world, but don’t know where to start. One of our goals is to change that, so that everyone can see the world before they leave it.


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