Meet Kate, one of our first volunteers!

Kerala Volunteer feels so lucky to have Kate as one of the pioneers kicking off our program!  An experienced English teacher and traveler, Kate is sure to make a positive impact on the children, and they are so excited for her arrival- which is later this month! Learn a bit more about Kate here…


I’ve been an English teacher for five years and have been lucky enough to work across different sectors, including international, public and private. My main subject is English language and literature, and I teach it at all ages within high schools. This year has seen me teach in the middle school – so much younger than what I am used to – but it was fun! Even though I am actually taking a break from teaching now to return to study back home, my love of teaching, interacting with students and watching them grow will never leave me. I’ve been so lucky to work with numerous types of students, ranging in ages and backgrounds, and so I see volunteering at RRUP as adding another dimension to my own profession. I sometimes feel the art of teaching is being lost in the west given the amount of admin which comes with the job, and so I look forward to being able to make the teaching and learning process much more organic. To me, it’s not all about tests, marking and writing reports; it’s just as much about growing in confidence, enjoying your days and becoming a respectful member of society.

India has always appealed to me, but I felt it important to wait until the time felt right- until I felt ‘naturally ready’, and that time has now come. I’m leaving all I know to enter a world completely foreign to me, yet I already feel welcome. It’s a wonderful feeling and I cannot wait to live, breathe and see it.”


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