Rural Reconstruction Upper Primary (R.R.U.P.) School was established in 1936 in the village of Ullannur in the southern Indian state, Kerala.  The school was started as part of a rural development effort headed by the late visionary Sri. M.K.Varghese, the first graduate from that village.  R.R.U.P. began as a vocational school with students learning trades such as bee keeping, weaving, poultry farming, book binding, carpentry, and agriculture, to name a few.

Following the Second World War, the school shifted to a more traditional education system and remains that way today.  R.R.U.P. is a private school with a current student body of about 130-150 students from low-middle income families.  Unlike schools that charge tuition, R.R.U.P. is free for students to attend, but because of this, it is not an English medium school, which is why the need for volunteer English teachers is high.  In today’s global economy, to obtain a job outside of their small village, a good grasp of the English language is a necessity for the students. The students’ primary language is Malayalam and their English level is low to medium, but they are well-behaved, respectful, and extremely eager to learn.  Come join the welcoming Indian teachers at R.R.U.P. and help make a difference in these children’s lives!

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